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Debtor Tracing & Finding People - UK Tracing
Coronavirus Update, we remain open during these difficult times, however there might be slight delays to turnaround times due to homeworking.

Debtor Tracing

UK Tracing Services is a high quality debtor tracing organisation our staff have been finding people for more than 25 years.

All of our tracing services are offered on a,  'No Find - No Fee - No Prepayment' basis, so in the unlikely event that we are unsuccessful, you will owe us nothing.

We offer a nationwide debtor and people tracing service which identifies and tracks down individuals quickly and efficiently, assisting your company to pursue a debtor further or secure the return of unpaid goods.

Every year millions of pounds are written off because debtors move on leaving no forwarding addresses or contact details. We have direct links to an extensive range of consumer and business databases, and along with our field investigators, we are able to trace those individuals who have 'disappeared'.

Tracing Debtors

UK Tracing Services is an independent supplier of debtor tracing data any where in the country, with the search facilities and flexibility that allows us to provide positive results in the majority of our cases.

Trace People

Our experience and success in debtor tracing and finding people has proved that it is very difficult to totally disappear. We have a team of dedicated tracers who are experts with the available software to trace individuals or businesses that have gone away. 

Debt Tracing

We provide a comprehensive range of bespoke services to a host of diverse clients across the UK, offering a nationwide tracing service which identifies and tracks down individuals quickly and efficiently.

We can find anyone for anybody...

If you wish to find a missing person, then we can help you.

Our charging scale is simple. The price you pay is determined by how quickly you want to contact the missing person.

35 - 5 Day Service
45 - 3 Day Service
75 - 1 Day Service

You only pay for successful traces.

Call: 0800 246 1031 to start your search.

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