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Bad debts cost utilities companies time and money.

Under-occupier and void accounts represent a challenge not just in terms of time wasted in targeting empty addresses, but attempting to track down to where the occupier has moved..

Imagine being able to claim back a large proportion of debts owed by occupiers who have moved on.

Well, you can, whether that money has been owed for several months or even a number of years.

At present, you could be sending out bills without knowing whether or not a property is occupied.

We can readily identify how long an individual has been in residence - and we can also trace those who have moved on.

In return for a cost effective investment on your part, you could potentially claim back that investment many times over.

Our tracing people rates are highly competitive, in the vast majority of cases we'll have an answer for you within four weeks, and, importantly we will adapt to suit your needs.

We offer a bespoke, targeted service focused on delivering results.

We also have the facility, where required, to use specialist people to follow up our tracing work.

We will short-cut through the sifting process that is an inevitable part of debt tracing recovery - but it's our time we're spending, not yours.

Our guarantee provides you with quality of service.

- High success rate
- Professional approach
- Proven track record
- Flexibility to suit your needs
- Cutting edge technology
- No trace, no charge
- Value for money

In short, MCA provides an outstanding service for outstanding debtors.