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Missing People Worldwide

While looking for the statistics on how many people just disappear each year around the globe, the one thing that has become apparent is the sheer disappointment and heart ache that follows.

Here are some facts from the U.S. released in October 2002.

800,00 under 18 a years of age
2,000 a day
58,000 abducted by non family members
115 victims to stereotypical kidnappings that result in ransom demands and death or the kidnapper indents to keep the child.

This shows children in the U.S. only. So what are the world wide children and adult numbers likely to be?

1 million children are reported missing in the US and the UK every year. If lees than 200 of these are murdered, where do all the rest go? This would be like loosing the population of a city such as Amsterdam every year.

It would seem that 800,000 go missing but a further 500,000 can be added if you include the numbers that don't get reported.

Perhaps Belgium may have the answers as this would seem to be the leader in global trafficking of children and woman. Belgium may be a small country consisting of around ten million people but, in the Brussels region it was revealed that 1,300 children disappeared between 1991 and 1996. The same repeating story is told all over the world. Multi-millions of children are going missing every year, they are never seen, heard of or found.

35,439 bodies found dead. All of them were unidentified. This was in India 2000. Over the years there had been a massif increase in the number of woman who are disappearing too. Its assumed that this is directly linked with the sex industry. Although we cant place all the blame here.

Women are more likely to leave an abusive marriage simply because very few find themselves being abused by woman and feel the need to run. Mental health issues also play a part.

California numbers show that 25,000 adults and children are active missing persons cases.

France reported 13 adults and 3 small children found dead. Some of them had been shot, all were burned and they were laid out in a star burst pattern. This shows that there are cult related reasons for people going missing. Missing people reports show that 39,000 children go missing in France, 50,000 missing children in Germany,, 8,400 in Spain, 1,100 in Italy and 500 in Greece. Brazil is said to report up to 40,000 missing children a year. There were 4,802 in the UK alone reported missing. 88.5 reports per day go to the Metropolitan police. Greater Manchester takes 30.1 and 4.1 are received by Cambridgeshire. Those numbers are per day. This report was made in 1997. The problem has increased since then. Don't forget, there are more than this but not all are reported.

Even when enjoying a holiday abroad, people go missing. Again, children seem to be the focus point here, Madeleine McCann being the most well know and publicised victim due to the efforts of her parents. She is only 1 of many children to go missing in Spain. Thousands of others do not get the news coverage to same incredible high standards.

A missing persons report is made to police every 18 minutes in Australia. That's about 30,000 a year. Many of these reports are cleared up when the person missing is found or shows up safe and sound.

When looking for information about the number of people worldwide who go out one day and never return home, you come across lots of statistics for children but not many focus on adults. This is most probably because adults have more choices. Many of them choose to become lost. There are those who fall into the wrong company and many who are taken for the sex industry against their own free will. Some will even have mental health issues or commit suicide. It doesn't change the fact though that people do just disappear and a whether its 1 or 100, 000, its still too many.

Children however don't have the legal power to decide to go away and start a new life. They should be in the care of their parents or guardians at all times so when a child goes missing, it can only mean that harm has come to the child due to an accident of some sort or foul play is to blame.

Its for this reason that you can find information about children very quickly because there are so many organizations that support the families in their heart break and the search to find the missing child.

We also have to consider these numbers very carefully. Some reports are made, documented on statistic sites but many of the numbers are found some time later and the documentation may not have been updated. Also, we should consider that not all disappearing people, (mainly adults) are reported. There are many unidentified bodies all around the world that could be any one of the people on the lists or they may be an unreported case that although found, are never identified because no one has said they've gone.

It still remains that even 1 person, be it an adult or a child, should not be able to just disappear. They have to be somewhere out there. Lets hope that one day Madeleine McCann will be found safe and sound so as to give hope to the many other thousands of families suffering the same but unpublicized losses. Sadly, given the numbers of those people who do just seem to vanish, we should at the very least learn from the previous victims and find a way to protect better our children and families to prevent these numbers rising even more in the future.