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Tracing Missing People

Why do people go missing? Why do people abandon family, spouses, children and friends to simply disappear? Sometimes the reason why people go missing is all to clear; fear.

Fear of a husband who drinks and beats up his wife or girlfriend. Fear of family members who have been dishonoured. Fear of a parent or uncle who sneaks into a bedroom late at night. Fear of life itself.

The most common reason why people go missing is debt. Today, many people have enormous debt mountains that are proving harder and harder to service as credit card interest rates rise, despite the 0.5% Bank of England Base Rate. Record numbers of people are going bankrupt entirely due to the banks and other financial institutions withdrawing company credit, which is costing people their jobs, taking their homes and breaking up their families.

The current recession has been coming for a long while but it is the credit squeeze that came last autumn that is driving people over the edge. Reduced incomes, reduced credit, and High Street banks racking up their charges while lowering overdraft limits is making decent people turn to desperate measures. It is true that there are always some people who will not shoulder their responsibilities. The kind of people who leave rented accommodation without paying their council tax; the kind of people who run up bills with private doctors or lawyers and move on without settling; the kind of people who do not pay what they owe to Customs & Revenue or the Child Support Agency.

There are always bad people who owe good people money and there are organisations that are brilliant at tracking down those individuals simply by searching data bases on the Internet and following it up with enquiries out in the field. It is very hard to runaway from debt without also running away from family and friends. Generally, people who runaway from debt fall into two categories: those that cannot take the pressure of mounting credit card bills any longer and those that just decide to flick two fingers and move on. Of course, there is a third kind of debt owed to loan sharks that charge hundreds of per cent interest and break limbs if not paid. It makes perfect sense to runaway from people like that and the tracking agencies should choose their clients with care before tracking down individuals that have got caught up with criminal gangs.

People Tracing Services

Tracing organisations such as MCA Tracing Services help people find family members who may not be missing but have taken themselves off to a new life following a family dispute.

Tracing services can help parents find grown-up children who ran away as teenagers and may have got married and changed their names.

Tracing services can help a wife find an errant husband who is behind on his child support payments.

Tracing services can help old friends find each other after many years apart.

Tracing services can help confirm whether a missing person is alive or dead for emotional and probate reasons.

More commonly, organisations such as MCA Tracing Services will simply track down an individual who has absconded owing money. Unlike the loan sharks, these organisations, which often include solicitors acting on behalf of creditors, simply want to serve a court summons but, without knowledge of the individuals whereabouts, proceedings in court cannot be concluded. Until a debtor is brought to court the debtor is free to continue running up further debts with other innocent parties.

Sometimes, an individual who contacts a missing persons tracing service has leant money in good faith to a former neighbour or friend only to not just lose touch with their friend but also with their lifes savings. It is in those instances that tracing services offered by agencies such as MCA Tracing Services really come into their own.